Charmed, we're sure.

Any_ is the brainchild of Roy Lotan, branding and design professional, and Assaf Dagan, a former advertising creative director. Any_ is the intersection of impeccable design work and attention to detail with digital innovation and award-winning creative work. We are the balance between two approaches and a complementary mix of different attitudes. We operate as an entire product department in your business, but we come in with our own toolkit. We always have the right professionals on the team, with the right force to get you to the next milestone. 


Roy Lotan

Roy creates. He is a creative director and co-founder of Any_. He is also the co-founder of As Promised Media, publishing a quarterly Levantine culture magazine.

Lotan believes in culture as a driver of change in individuals, brands, and societies. In 2017, he launched Any_good, the pro-bono pillar of Any_ where impact meets design for brands focusing on humanitarian efforts. To date, their work has helped crowdfund over $100k and millions of views on social media.

Born in Jerusalem, Lotan started his design career in London in 2003 at St. Martin’s college, gained a degree from Bezalel Academy in 2008 and went on to launch his creative consultancy firm in 2009. In 2015, he launched his partnered design agency in NY and LA.

Roy takes inspiration from travel and noodles. He believes that everything in our life deserves attention, whether it's a building or bowl of soup.


Assaf Dagan

Assaf imagines. He is a highly decorated creative director and digital designer. Assaf is crucial to the conceptualization of campaigns, leaning on his decades of experience with highly recognizable brands in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

He studied graphic design in Barcelona before working for the prestigious product design company, Mobles 114. Next, he moved to Tel Aviv to become the Head of the Digital Department of the premium design boutique, Haliva. At Haliva, Assaf worked for Israel’s largest bank, Hapoalim, real estate tycoon Mamila, and the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra. In 2009, Assaf moved to Paris to be a flash designer at Fred & Farid. He was soon promoted to the creative director of Eddie & Son, the group’s mobile design and strategy company, where he led the branding and strategy for startups like Wezzo and Bonjour Bonjour as well as the design and branding for the French Presidency’s social networks. During his tenure at Fred & Farid, Assaf won multiple international awards for his work. Most recently, Assaf helped lead creative work for Eko (f.k.a. Interlude).