The digital marketing team in San José, CA wanted to create an educational space for their counterparts around the world. They wanted a place where their marketing teams could read articles, get updated with the most recent news in digital marketing, and share their knowledge on subjects like data driven marketing or customer centric design. 

So, we planned

Working very closely with their digital marketing team we planned a series of classes and interactions that tested the knowledge of our users and rewarded them for taking classes and sharing knowledge.

And created a place to share knowledge

We opted to not only teach and test, but also to let our users pitch in. We created an entire system of links, opinions, articles, videos, and presentations, so now when they drop knowledge on coworkers, they can also ask for their opinions on what is interesting and relevant to them.

Went for gratification

We designed and produced mini-tests to help assess the understanding of the material throughout our ecosystem. We made them easy enough to be passed but just hard enough to require some knowledge. This attitude allows our system to develop, as more content and more tests kept updating the system while keeping our audience interested.

Measurable results 

Now that we had tested, we wanted to measure our results and see how we could improve our site content to be actually valuable to our target audiences. We created a mix of Google analytics and custom made metrics to better understand our system and give valuable information to the global marketing team. This allowed us to assess our own performance and the efficiency of our work.

Iteration is a celebration

The initial project was simple enough to produce quickly and then we could creat new sections, content, data filters, and measurements. The project is live and constantly tested, improved, and questioned, so Cisco's marketing teams can benefit the most. 

Details, Details

When thinking about "Cisco" as an industry leader, the word "fun" may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Our experience with their teams was actually a lot of fun, and we had great partners in designing little animations, cheeky remarks ,and a language that you wouldn't normally see in their public-facing communication. It was all in the details.