Interactive storytelling wasn't a big thing before a quirky startup led by an Israeli rock star gave users the power to disrupt their video content. There's nothing the storytelling industry likes more than layers and this unique technology made it easy to create and interact with multi-layered stories.


Color Theory


Eko is a multifaceted product, so it seemed appropriate to design their brand with the same complexity. Because, why the hell not? But also because the "flat/white/pastel" corporate approach didn't cut it. We created a gradient that transforms as you scroll deeper into the site. As the visitors encounter new parts of the company story, they are also introduced to Eko's new color scheme, as seen here on the logo mark produced by Pentagram.


Content layers


Layered content is the principle that guided the formation of this site. In every Eko story, the viewer unveils new narratives, possibilities, and details as they choose which direction the story will take. Every action reveals another layer of content, or "echoes" of choices, and we were guided by this revelatory mechanism in building Eko's digital presence.


Staking a Claim


Any_ helped Eko transition into the space of an industry leader. No longer a quirky young startup, the company formerly known as "Interlude" raised significant investments from large funds and needed to up its digital presence. Today, with a brand-spanking new look, "Eko" is postioned as an industry leader in storytelling, working on content for the largest broadcasting companies in the world.


Visual Design Anchors


Because we opted for a design that breaks the grid and layers the content, we knew visitors needed clear anchors to give the website a sense of structure and hierarchy. Hense the big, bold statement on the left of every page, the images that always lean to the right, and the delicate frame behind the content that keeps it tight. 


Final Product

A vibrant, unusual company page that breaks from the standard startup approach and uses visual cues to communicate the very essense of the company's innovative character and its status in the industry, setting it apart from its competitors.