Humanizing cryptocurrency

Firmo’s smart contract language enables the secure execution of a new generation of financial contracts on the blockchain. Hard to understand right? We thought so too. For Firmo Network, we took their smart idea and made it relevant for everyone.

Finding their story 

We worked closely with Firmo's core team to determine their company's long term vision. Firmo puts humans first. We chose to translate the complex transaction of dealing in cryptocurrency into engaging and easy to understand illustrations.  


The faces behind the screens

A competitive audit revealed that most companies in the cryptocurrency industry focus on the systems aspect of the business. We wanted to showcase that Firmo was made for people by people. 

Establishing legitimacy

We used illustrations as a design decision to change the perspective of a crypto-transaction. We developed a visual language branching off of a handshake illustration Firmo had already created. The tone of the illustrations introduces Firmo as a user-centric company, comparing transactions to handshakes.

Technology, translated

Translating Firmo technology
into user benefits

How firmo code works
for firmo users

Emphasizing handshakes
over transactions

Check it out!


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