A company that decided to help students find jobs right after college: jobs they'll like, jobs they'll be proud of and passionate about - out of the desire to reduce workplace churn & turnover, and help students pay off their student loans quickly.



We took on the project on all fronts - product planning and design, production management, communication strategy and go-to-market strategy, as well as the design of an online service, an SMS service, a mobile app, a product pivot, and rebrand of the company.


Product planning

Any_, through basic assumptions about the potential users, created a simple to operate, intuitive, and beautiful product, which made it easy and painless to apply for a job directly from your mobile device.


Product vision

tapd wanted to look good for investors. Any_ created the tools for tapd to show the product vision and functionality way before there was anything tangible to show. This helped tapd secure their first round of investment.


The app


The app asks the user some general questions and deduces from their education, location, and answers what job they should apply for.It then sifts through Internet job search sites and finds the best fit for entry-level student jobs.


Get-a-job bot

The launch was planned for a system of campus strategists on school campuses. We tested market validation by launching ANOTHER service first: a text service that let users text our bot their dream job and location and receive job opportunities texted back. 5,000 interactions later, we saw students were actively interested in what we have to offer.



Campus strategists

Through careful relationship management, we created digital assets and guidelines for the strategists to be able to carry a coherent message and stay on point throughout, with excellent design and a clear call-to-action: Get your next job through tapd.


Financial ranking

After a successful launch, tapd and its investors saw the underlying problem - it's not the jobs, but the STUDENT LOANS that create an impossible job market. tapd set out to eradicate student debt in the United States. Any_ created frank: a trustworthy brand to help find a service to refinance student loans or get proper financial advice in an honest way - to improve your financial ranking in the loan world.



frank for lenders

To tackle the loan world, tapd / frank needed to be serious and stable. Lenders will buy and sell data to a loan market player, rather than a quirky start-up. Thus, we created a trustworthy, stable brand to get lenders to play ball.


Frank for students


Same brand, but a more friendly color scheme. When facing students, Frank is more than a "loan fixer": Frank is the company that gives you the kind of guidance no one ever gives you - Frank reads the "small print" and takes you, step by step, out of debt and into a future of better decisions.


The bubble


The brand is based on transparency, simplicity, and honesty. Frank uses the talk bubble to express the brand message in an illustrative way.Frank's words are always visible, clear and above all, a promise to be kept.


the system


To make the message straightforward and simple, we decided the communication would be a set of simple, matter-of-fact truths, set in a theoretical conversation between the brand and the user.