It exists to help marketers work seamlessly on dozens of platforms and millions of user types over mobile and social platforms. growmobile's work is complex and at times highly unclear. Any_ decided to create a coherent, approachable language so its users can concentrate on their jobs as marketers vs. trying to figure out this tool and the apparent advantages of growmobile's technology.


say hello to friendly social advertising

Any_ decided that the key word was to be friendly - accompanied by some other key concepts trustworthy, direct, simple, and researched how the symbol for this could be communicated.


Tone of voice

Any_ opted for a direct language to be the base for growmobile's communication in the future. Simple, straightforward statements that communicate our values in the clearest of ways.



Any_ created a whole pack of simple icons to communicate the most basic terms. The icons allow growmobile communication in a way that identifies with their target platforms: the mobile / social environments.



growmobile website

We created a colorful language that shouts "friendly", "soft", and "happy". later on became the main way to carry out messages over the blogs, articles and, in fact, every possible channel


Photography Style

We wanted to show how growmobile looks in the real world, for real. Who do we connect with, and how do we impact the usersu00a0and their user's lives? We had to lay down to guidelines for a successful photography project to communicate this. In a few words: handsome millennials who interact with mobile devices and look happy. Simple? We made it look simple.u00a0