In our current political climate, it’s more important than ever to shed light on our similarities rather than our differences. In collaboration with A+E Networks and Samsung, this beautiful tour of our country showcases our inherent ability to see what makes us the same: our humanity.


A love letter to America

We partnered with A&E and Samsung to share this message of acceptance and growth. Working with Particle3, Eko, and  Cataylstic Studios, we created an interactive version of the original video in order to increase the viewer’s connection to the mission. 


The Experience

The interactive experience allows the viewer to focus on specific words in the poem, like compromise, disagree, and name, and learn more about what these words mean to individuals around the country. The viewer explores what is important to them and expands their bond with the piece.


Looking forward


It sometimes feels hard to be optimistic when watching the news these days. Today, we welcome Look Closer and hope it brings the tides of change. Afterall, if you stop and look close enough, you might just see yourself.