Above Video: Look Closer co-created by Samsung and A&E

In our current political climate, it’s more important than ever to shed light on our similarities rather than our differences. In collaboration with A+E Networks and Samsung, this beautiful tour of our country showcases our inherent ability to see what makes us the same: our humanity.


Deeper look

A&E created a beautfiful brand platform, centered aroud "Brave storytelling" expressing the brand values and positioning them as a brand that tells true stories, filled with humanity and sensitive to their viewers different backgrounds and sensibilities.


An interactive turn 

Samsung partnered with A&E to create a new way of telling those stories, and look closer at those stories, all shot on a Samsung 'Galaxy' S8 - Videos of brave story tellers from acroos the USA. We used  Eko's interactive technology, Particle3's production and worked the campaign with Cataylstic Studios, we created an interactive version of the original video in order to increase the viewer’s connection to the mission.


The Experience

The interactive experience allows the viewer to focus on specific words in the poem, like compromise, disagree, and name, and learn more about what these words mean to individuals around the country. The viewer explores what is important to them and expands their bond with the piece.

A&E's new brand platform is about celebrating human stories from all walks of life. Any_ partnered with A&E to create a destination page where those stories could be told. The climax of the campaign was a TV spot at the 69th Emmy awards ceremony, anouncing the launch of the site.

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Why a destinations site?

As an extension of the campaign, A&E wanted to tell more and have a deeper look at their stars, their series and their stories. A desitnation page allowed for a complete look at the interactive video, the TV series, the journalist stories and the characters in depth.

The site allowed A&E tell more about the characters from the interactive video and their series. We chose to include the quotes on the Brave Storytellers image and the “Even Closer” interview blurbs on rollover so that users had the opportunity to learn about each person from the get-go. Once they are interested, the user can choose to read or watch more about each interesting person.

More than a campaign

Unlike typical campaign landing pages, this destination page is designed to be easily expandable. We wanted to ensure we could accommodate new content that will accompany the Brave Storytellers platform. Designed and programmed in a manner that allows for content to be added and showcased easily, this site becomes a permanent part of the marketing and online strategy of the brand.

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