A company that set-out to provide innovative advertising solutions and challenge the marketing industryu00a0by providing a one-stop-shop solution for getting better ROI, analytics, campaign management,u00a0and mobile solutions.u00a0


Strategy Brief

Any_ set out to create the branding and communication strategy for a company in an ever-changing market, who learns the industry and is dynamic on the one hand, and stable on the other.

Perion is a living organism


Identity definition


Any_ tried to establish one certain truth: Perion is stable enough to be trusted and dynamic enough to stay current in a fad-driven advertising industry of the 21st century. We started by carefully checking what happened if we turned the P to something that keeps changing. Perhaps we should change colors or textures? The form of the P would be the constant, the stable part, and the colors will change, and express dynamism and flexibility.


The "P"

We ended up with a brave client decision - a part of the "P" is stable, and the other part is ever-changing. This way, the company can honestly tell their story of a rigid, non-compromising foundation on the one hand and a creative, dynamic, and flexible outlets and services on the other hand.


The right "P"

Not all "P" make the cut. Any_ and Perion had to measure the feasibility of this heavy-branding task in light of the values we want to communicate. Many"P"s didn't make the cut.



Perion website

Any_ chose to reflect the values of the brand in a dynamic web-platform to allow them to look stable on the one hand and dynamic on the other. It contains ever-changing up-do-date content about their awards, acquisitions, and company story in a fixed, classic structure. The Perioneers took a front and center place on this platform since now the pride of the company was on its most important asset - their staff. The site shows their achievements and activities. It attracts better and better talent continuously the company.


Innovation everywhere

Any_ challenged the tech department. We asked them to show how agile they are by inventing a new form of email signatures - ones that change every time a user sends an email. They did just that, and so, owned this process and lived up to the new brand story.


A PR challenge

Any_ challenged the HR department: We wanted them to create a company culture, and be proud of the group of people they have there. We have introduced internally the term Perioneers, and took photos and stories of employees there, for internal communication. Culture, hobbies, and connection profiles were created. HR and recruiting became more than a hi-tech recruiting department. We have created exclusivity by giving a story and a face to the people behind the "P".


Photography: Yael Engelhart Art Direction: Roy Lotan Styling: Roza Sinaysky+Liron Shimonie Makeup: Lina Katzap Assistant: Scarlett Kagen



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