As part of our philanthropic initiative, Any_ Good, we helped Angela Luna, a student studying at Parsons, with her graduation project to bring her vision for adaptable garments for refugees affected by the Syrian crisis. By providing branding and sponsoring an online campaign, we helped bring her project to life.

Rethinking purpose

Adiff set out to create a jacket that could double as a tent. This innovative garment would put a literal roof over refugees' heads which is invaluable at a moment of extreme displacement. We branded Adiff keeping these ideas in mind, making the logo a bridge of interpersonal relations and functionality.

Realizing ideas

Any_ helped Luna come up with a strategy for bringing Adiff into reality. Instead of going to investors, we turned to the public. We used crowd sourcing platforms and social media campaigns to bring buzz to the project. Adiff was successfully funded and went $37,397 over its goal! The campaign page recieved over 30 million views.