The Israeli national airline purchased a fleet of state-of-the-art Dreamliner 787 aircrafts, elevating it to the level of the world's most luxurious airlines. We are proud to have created the digital experience to announce this monumental moment on El-Al's roadmap.

Destination oriented

Like the classic "A" to "B" arches seen on travel maps, the site's navigation had to give the sensation of way-points on a trajectory. We appropriated travel oriented visual elements to stress the Dreamliners' obvious advantage in enhancing the "journey" rather than the "destination". The light arch is also a visual wink to the notable arch in the plane's wings, an obvious detail in the airplane's design.

Details, details

From the main navigation to the pulsing pagination, every detail of the Dreamliner site was carefully considered. Subtle animations call attention to clickable areas, while relating back to the site’s main theme.


Just like El-Al's commitment to service and personal attention, we chose to create a personalized experience that is powered by Facebook connect. The site can talk to the user using their first name, address them in more coloquial language, and ensure the right gender is used in Hebrew.

One of the unique features of flying on an El Al Dreamliner is experiencing their lighting scenarios. To prevent jet lag and make the flight experience even more enjoyable, LED displays on the Dreamliner to simulate daylight, sunset, dusk, and night. We suggested an interactive page to illustrate the simulation.

We enhanced interactivity on mobile by reorienting the navigation and focusing on the details, such as swipe vs. drag. We preserved the most unique elements of the desktop site while putting user experience and intuition first. Recognizing the UX hurdles, we tackled the challenge of multi-platform responsivity with a seamless user experience and allowed the beauty of the experience to remain strong on mobile.

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