Established in 1903, SodaStream has built a recognizable brand through strategic retail partnerships. To help SodaStream connect directly with bubble-machine owners, we added personality to core brand elements, simplicity to information architecture, and a little bit of sparkle to motion.

By focusing on the beverage-making experience instead of the machine itself, we promoted a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle around sparkling water. Newsletters were a tool we used to translate SodaStream’s typical news into concrete sales, with engaging designs, we turned each email into $2000 worth of sales.

Refilling an empty CO2 cylinder started off as a fussy, logistical nightmare. Removing excess jargon and redesigning the refill process turned gas exchange into a fun and simple task.

We rethought the way reviews were handled with illustrations to give them a feeling of authenticity and humanity that were previously absent.

Overlaying existing assets with fun illustrations personified the brand in Sodastream's direct communication and campaign efforts, increasing e-mail engagement.