Any_ Salon is a platform for thematic discussions to foster connections between our friends, clients, and partners. It is an evening of drinks, food, and discussions revolving around a set theme. For Any_ Salon, we invite everyone to hear professionals from various industries and fields to talk about and exchange their ideas amongst like-minded individuals.

Interaction as idea

For the first Any_ Salon, the theme was “interactivity.” The theme was intended to go beyond just the idea of clicking a button in on the internet, more going with the concept of interactivity and exploring what means today. We heard from a neuroscientist, a brand manager, and an architect to question what interaction means in context to specific ideas relating to their area of expertise.

Food as entertainment 

Catering provided by LEV site-specific cooking created a culinary experience that was adapted to suit the Any_ Salon 001’s theme of interactivity. The food was baked inside of salt blocks and guests were invited to break their food free from them with a mallet which LEV then prepared in front of them. The idea of the guest interacting with their food was important to immerse them into the guiding concept, allowing them to consider what interaction means even in simple actions like eating.

Social experiences are digital experiences

Though our Salons are intimate gatherings, with our guests’ social followings, it turned into an event with thousands of pairs of eyes watching. Any_ saw close to 90,000 impressions from strangers all over the world.

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Breaking the fourth wall

Any_ Salon 002’s theme was transparency. We thought about bringing what transparency means in relation to identity. The transparency of bodies, feelings, and ideas were all examined through different means. For instance, the Salon was held at a condo off the Highline where pedestrians on the elevated park were able to look right into the event space.

Building cultural bridges

For Salon 003,  Any_ partnered with As Promised Media to launch the inaugural issue of As Promised Magazine. For this event, the theme was identity and invited guests to explore the definitions of origin and belonging. Following the spirit of building bridges and encouraging connection and community no matter how one views their own identity.

Finding place in cuisine

The menu at Salon 003 was inspired by the materiality of identity. 

As Promised’s first issue discussed the relationship between place and person and the complex relationship people have to boundaries in the Levantine region. These things inform who one becomes. Food drew flavors from different cultures and traditions, allowing guests to get a tasting of a variety of Levantine identities.

Capsules of four spice mixes that are linked to Levantine cultures were put out for guests to choose to put into a cup of broth. What is highlighted with this dish is the way that individuals construct their own ideas of identity, choosing what to include as a part of themselves, their taste.