Religion, politics, military, technology – the global conversation around the Middle East often falls into these same clichés. Coming from the world of design, we’ve recognized that the Levantine culture serves as a pillar of today’s creative movements worldwide. How can we best contribute to the conversation and broadcast this new Levantine aesthetic to the world?

Culture transcends borders

With a unique pool of creative thinkers, doers, and storytellers, we created a magazine to spread our message of unity through culture and design.

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Crafting a voice

Using illustrations, a warm palette, As Promised was created with a sense of leisure and calm in mind. When a reader opens the pages, they are immersed in a world of endless time and peace.

Illustrations by Maya Ish-Shalom

Gathering our community

We bring together our contributor and viewership community to celebrate identity through talks, galleries, tastings, and everything in between. The New York event featured cuisine by LEV with a conceptual menu inspired by the ideas of individuality and identity. 

For one dish, capsules of different seasonings were prepared to pair with chicken broth. Each person could select a capsule with the flavors they felt suited their palate best. This variety of spices and choice served as a tribute to those things that make us different and form individual identity.

Chicken soup wanna be.... your choice in a capsule

1. Jameed and baharat
2. Beets and horseradish
3. Ras el hanout, turmeric
4. Dehydrated dill, mint, onion, carrots

In good company

By aligning with the right distribution and brand partners, the As Promised message of compassion, beauty and inclusivity continues to grow by showcasing the works and ideas of creators from the region.

Hotel du Temps
Paris, France

Mulberry Iconic
New York, USA

The Jaffa Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Making some noise

To create some buzz around the launch of As Promised, Any_ organized a take over of Mulberry Iconic Magazines window display. Bringing attention to the newest must-have lifestyle staple.

A link to community

The As Promised website is a window into the stories in the magazine. Web and social media presence function as arms to connect the As Promised community and allow others to discover the lifestyle displayed.