Council of Foreign Relations


Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) a non-governmental special interest group has a platform aimed at high school teachers and students to learn about US foreign policy through immersive simulations. We redesigned the entire product

Improving UX

We wanted to push back the platform and bring content to the forefront. A completely restructuring of the site made navigation cohesive, logical, and intuitive. New notes and annotation tools make learning easier than ever.

Presenting information

There was a wealth of information to be included throughout the website but had to be presented in an efficient way to prevent wasted space. Our solution was an editorial style to present everything within a familiar framework.


We created illustrations separate instructional and conceptual details and to add a unique classroom-meets-design point of visual interest.

Above the fold

We used the above the fold of the website to show most important information and includes more visuals to increase engagements