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Lifestyle & Studio Photography

A ritual of self-love, an embrace of simplicity, a sensorial indulgence, a moment of bliss.

Market and consumer research revealed a lack of knowledge of full-spectrum CBD and its benefits, causing confusion and distrust. As an emerging luxury, 100% natural CBD beauty brand, we have faced an opportunity to set ourselves apart, approaching our audience with assurance in quality, but also offering a brand story that they could deeply resonate with.

Seeing Sensation

How do you communicate the way a product smells and feels without directly experiencing it? As art directors and content producers, we ensured all imagery was not only beautiful and luxurious but also spoke to the product’s full-spectrum of benefits. From fragrance family still lifes to vibey lifestyle shots, we utilized smoke, color correction and tactile fabrics as tools to visually translate fragrance and feel.

Seals & Certifications

At beauty retail, shoppers scan the shelves quickly, searching for particular product benefits, key ingredients and certifications to validate their purchase decision.
Inspired by Tarot, ritual and high vibes, we designed a series of family seals and iconography to effectively differentiate our line and communicate our best product and brand attributes. Each reinforces our distinct style and tone, while simultaneously making content more digestible.

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