Jhené Aiko x Samsung US


We created a platform to allow a behind-the-scenes look at five poems from 2Fish: (a Poetry Book), bringing forth Aiko's personal background and raw thoughts. The 2Fish platform is interactive, using its own unique player so you can traverse the experience at your own pace. Upon click, the platform freezes and highlights an individual moment from her past, bringing memories to the surface and connecting insight to prose. 

Interaction with meaning

With the minisite, readers are able to go behind-the-scenes into Jhené Aiko’s writing with small pop ups prompting visitors to click and discover bits of background and the influences that inspired the content of 2fish. With this idea, users are able to explore the pages at their own pace.

Shot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Design is only as good as the content and thanks to Samsung and Catalystic Studios, we had great material to work with. Shooting with a Samsung Galaxy and top notch studio set up, we were given high quality media that looked great across platforms. The design was created to support the content, not hide its flaws.

Part of a larger trip

2Fish shares a name with Jhené’s latest album, Trip. With an album concepted around such a moving narrative, we took it upon ourselves to create a platform that would allow for limitless storytelling, quick access, and endless exploration.

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Social continuity

After Jhené Aiko announced the launch of the minisite with a 3 post campaign on Instagram, 2fishpoetry.com was a success