With direct-to-consumer companies growing at remarkable rates, Showfields is an experiential retail destination where premium DTC brands can engage with their customers beyond the typical shopping experience. We translated their bold, forward-thinking concepts into packaging assets and digital platforms.

Branding by: Combo NYC

Local inspiration

Given fashion's current positioning between high-end boutiques and low-brow street style, our layered packaging solution drew inspiration from both extremes. The paper & plastic juxtaposition is a nod to current high-end brands printing on vinyl bags, but also reminiscent of  brown takeout bags ubiquitous to all New Yorkers.

Print ephemera, stationary, and brick-and-mortar flags brought to life the energetic palette, fun patterns, and distinct look of the Showfields brand.

A brand’s virtual window must look as luxurious as it’s physical window. For the Showfields website, we designed an ultra flexible grid that plays with perspective and movement for an engaging online experience.

In-store experience

Any_ also created an interactive in-store experience for touch screens scattered throughout the space. Customers can explore Showfields' range of brands in one convenient digital location.