#WarGames is an interactive media series based off the 1983 science fiction movie about the Cold War. For the 2018 series, Eko has enlisted Sam Barlow as the creative director to help push the popularity of interactive media into mainstream awareness.


We crafted a brand for the modern day series that closely resembles the original identity of the ‘80s War Games movie. The award-winning Sam Barlow has rebooted the brand with an edgy look, resulting  modern look of today’s video game designs combined with the recognizable feel of the original ‘80s movie War Games.

Gaming Platforms

#WarGames is the first ever TV show to be broadcasted over the Xbox and Steam platforms. We tackled many unique challenges relating to each platform’s respective interfaces, and are excited to have worked on the first interactive media series to be controlled by a mouse or a X-box controller.

Dedicated App Design

We designed the Eko app, which serves as the hub for all of Eko’s original content. We shaped the #WarGames design to fit the app’s unique UI - by presenting viewers with choices of different video feeds, Eko’s app ultimately leaving the fate of key characters and plot points in the hands of the viewer.