Yes, the biggest satellite television provider in Israel, turned to Any_ to revamp their TV user interface. It was a planning-heavy project since they serve content to over 3.5 million people in Israel - just about half the population. This challenge started by determining possible improvements to their data architecture & cable box technical limitations, and ended with the creation of Yes Labs - where Any_ and Yes explore and innovate together.

Stop > Go

While scouting out the problems, we saw their existing experience had a lot of dead ends: users were constantly running into walls, forcing them to backtrack as they navigated their TVs rather than just being able to watch what they wanted. We wanted to create a seamless flow so users are always one click away from the content. By creating a positive wayfinding experience, we were able to help users get back to the core of the experience - watching the actual content.


Our design rule was very simple: we wanted to bring yes to the forefront with the other content giants. By using their blue brand color as an accent over black and white, we created an updated, sleeker look that elevated yes to the levels of Netflix and Amazon. This design facelift was another way that to bring yes out of the old world of cable boxes into the new world of international content providers.


Embedding new technologies into the ecosystem was another way we solidified yes’ place in the 21st century. We were asked to design a Siri-like voice search that the company has just been able to roll out to their many customers. Viewers can now search for shows in the guide, recorded episodes on their DVR, and new series coming soon on their Set Top Box just like they can on their smartphones. So many people are accustomed to this technology and now they can use it every day in their living rooms.